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Welcome to my website!

I am a mathematician with interests in higher geometry (in particular mathematical 3d-models of algebraic surfaces etc.), history of mathematics, teaching and didactics of mathematics, computer science and design.

Our math sculptures, math jewelry, and math glass objects are now presented on our new website www.math-sculpture.com. With lots of photos, background information and links to purchase our math objects. One of our most recent features is the photo series "math sculptures in context" which highlights the fact that most of our math objects have a background in math history.

On our website www.MO-Labs.com we present news on our math object business. For any wishes w.r.t. math objects, math sculptures, etc., feel free to contact me via e-mail.

Besides producing interesting and beautiful mathematical objects, I have recently been working within the research project MC-Squared for the university of Potsdam, Germany, and in the history of mathematics group at the university of Mainz, Germany.

Current research interests: Virtual and real math 3d-models, math history, math software and didactics of math, interactions of algebra and geometry, using media such as computers and hands-on-maths in schools and university teaching; geometry and algebra software; applications (e.g., in architecture and design).

Recent teaching (in German; summer term 2016, Mainz university):

- Vorlesung: Lineare Algebra und Geometrie 2 für das Lehramt.
Hier geht es zur Vorlesungswebseite mit allen nötigen Informationen, inkl. Übungsblättern.

- Seminar (mit D. Rowe): Mathematische Modelle und ihre Geschichte

Since May 2012, you may take a look at more than 60 or my mathematical models at the exhibition Forms and Formulas at Lisbon, Portugal.

In July and August 2011, I organized a small IMAGINARY exhibition at Mainz, Germany, as part of the exhibition SPEKTRALE 2011 which was an exhibition on light and color in the arts and in science.

IMAGINARY is an interactive exhibition organized by the Oberwolfach Institute of Mathematics. It started its tour around the world In 2008.

I was mainly involved in this project by producing some of the mathematical content and the concept of the software Surfer used during this exhibition to allow non-mathematicians to experience algebraic surfaces intuitively.

Two of my algebraic surface visualizations which I made for the exhibition and our software Surfer are now permanent exhibits at the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany.

Please, feel free to contact me if you have any comments or suggestions,

Oliver Labs