Math Teaching

Most of my teaching is in the field of algebra, geometry, history, or their interactions, often related to computers in one way or another. More specifically:

A large Variety of Audiences

I teach mathematics to people at all ages

  • students at university level (since 2001): lots of different kinds of math lectures and seminars,
  • kids at school (2008-2010): e.g., teacher of a math course, grade 7 to 8 (12-14 year-old kids), 3-4 hours per week, for 2 school years,
  • 50+ (since 2013): seminars on math and math history; intended audience: people who are older than 50 years, and who are interested to learn some mathematics which is usually not taught at school,
  • visitors of science exhibitions (since 2008); e.g., at the “Mit-Mach-Ausstellung” at Ingelheim (accessible even for pre-school kids), or at the “Imaginary” exhibition which tours through the world since the “German Math Year 2008”.

Math Subjects taught

Over the years, I have taught quite a number of different subjects. Most are related to one of the following topics:

  • basic mathematics,
  • geometry,
  • algebra,
  • geometric modelling,
  • history of mathematics,
  • didactics of mathematics,
  • dynamic geometry software such as Cinderella or GeoGebra.

>>> For more info, see the seperate Math Teaching page.