I am Dr. Oliver Labs, a mathematician and math artist with interests in math history, math art, design, programming, and several aspects of mathematics.

Current Projects

Math-Related Interests

Math Objects Business “MO-Labs”

If you are only interested in my mathematical objects business MO-Labs, feel free to browse directly to www.MO-Labs.com or to my math sculptures online catalogue on www.Math-Sculpture.com.

Talks and Teaching

Apart from my teaching, I give talks about some of the aspects above, or present some of my math sculptures, math jewelry, or illustrations, at other occasions such as at exhibitions, at schools, or at universities.


Enjoy browsing my pages, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. Or if you simply want to purchase one of my objects –  even if it is a math object which is not yet online.

Math Objects

Since 2003, I do not only create mathematical visualizations, but also mathematical 3d-objects, often using laser-in-glass or 3d-printing.

Some of my most active fields of work are the following:

  • 3d-printed mathematical sculptures,
  • 3d-printed mathematical jewelry,
  • mathematical laser-in-glass objects,
  • mathematical acryl objects, cut by a laser,
  • mathematical illustrations,
  • mathematical exhibitions using some of the above.

>> For more info, see the seperate Math Objects page,

>>> or see my external websites: www.Math-Sculpture.com and www.MO-Labs.com.

Math Teaching

Most of my teaching is in the field of algebra, geometry, history, or their interactions, often related to computers in one way or another. More specifically:

A large Variety of Audiences

I teach mathematics to people at all ages

  • students at university level (since 2001): lots of different kinds of math lectures and seminars,
  • kids at school (2008-2010): e.g., teacher of a math course, grade 7 to 8 (12-14 year-old kids), 3-4 hours per week, for 2 school years,
  • 50+ (since 2013): seminars on math and math history; intended audience: people who are older than 50 years, and who are interested to learn some mathematics which is usually not taught at school,
  • visitors of science exhibitions (since 2008); e.g., at the “Mit-Mach-Ausstellung” at Ingelheim (accessible even for pre-school kids), or at the “Imaginary” exhibition which tours through the world since the “German Math Year 2008”.

Math Subjects taught

Over the years, I have taught quite a number of different subjects. Most are related to one of the following topics:

  • basic mathematics,
  • geometry,
  • algebra,
  • geometric modelling,
  • history of mathematics,
  • didactics of mathematics,
  • dynamic geometry software such as Cinderella or GeoGebra.

>>> For more info, see the seperate Math Teaching page.

Math Research

Math Research

As my teaching, most of my research is on algebra, geometry, history, or their interactions, often related to computers in one way or another:

  • mathematical models and sculptures – their history and mathematics,
  • geometrical modelling, in particular of non-linear surfaces,
  • (hyper-) surfaces with many singularities,
  • computational algebraic geometry and computer algebra,
  • e-learning tools for mathematics,
  • didactics of mathematics – geometry, algebra, 3d-printing for teaching, using 3d-models in teaching.

>>> For more info, see the seperate Math Research page.



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